We support a variety of projects already underway in many regions of Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales and are readily available to support projects related to raising attitudes to, or attainment in, mathematics.

It is immaterial whether plans for such projects are fully formed or at the idea/conceptual stage. We are very keen to be involved.

We are particularly interested in projects that involve an unconstrained, open-ended no ceiling approach to finding solutions to long standing problems:

  • incorporating a skill based approach to the teaching and learning of maths
  • teachers and pupils building a positive relationship with mathematics
  • involving parents/families in their children’s learning
  • understanding misconceptions
  • eradicating the social acceptability of ‘I was never any good at maths’

Examples of projects we are currently involved in are:

Attainment Challenge in Scotland
Transition Project in Northern Ireland
Shared Education in Northern Ireland
Team Maths in Republic of Ireland


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