It is one thing having an idea, another having a great deal of passion and commitment, but if you don’t have a plan or a structure, it will be an uphill struggle to make your idea a reality.

We have already been through an extensive R&D process with the creation and delivery of Izak9, which will always continue to be agile and iterative.

Whilst the mathematics that children need to learn is essentially the same the world over, every region has their own curriculum with their own particular foci. These curricula are at different stages of development, meaning that teachers and pupils require different types and levels of support. Izak9 is a physical product made up of combinations of colour, number and shape, but the accompanying e-learning material takes the form of an ever-evolving portfolio of tasks, questions and support material. This needs to be presented in the manner most appropriate to its effective use in each region of the world. In addition to this, we are always seeking new and innovative methods to present stimuli as multifariously as possible, to heighten the engagement levels of pupils and offer more diverse delivery options for teachers.

The creation of the highest quality teacher CPD training also demands a lot of R&D. We see Izak9 as a catalyst that can create a highly interactive shared learning environment, within which the aspirations of leading research in the teaching and learning of maths can become a reality. Sourcing the most current and most relevant research in our field is a vital part of our own growth as a company.

We have many new projects at various stages of R&D, but the evolution of Izak9 currently takes priority.

The interest from schools in this resource and its associated pedagogy has been unprecedented. We could not have foreseen the extent to which schools, education authorities and teaching universities would embrace Izak9’s use and the passion and belief they would have for its capacity to influence the landscape of the teaching and learning of maths.

We have more physical product prototypes, plans for early years products, products to help address maths misconceptions….all of which will deliver our belief that the key to a child’s learning is engagement and engagement levels are heightened when the learning is active, shared and fun.

Watch this space.

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